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We can offer independent technology-based expertise and support to you and your organisation, which is advantageous when a project has a specific goal or deliverable. 

When you have a particular challenge or problem, we can provide the expertise and knowledge based on past experience to help you examine and solve your conundrum. 

We can assist in the development and enhancement of a survey system or team by guiding, mentoring and sharing knowledge gained from hands-on personal experience in the industry. 

We have a network of experienced service providers and suppliers who we can introduce you to so to make your project the success you want it to be.

We have the ability to critically analyse and assess, and by bringing fresh views and insights, we can boost your survey offerings and business.

We provide independent and objective analysis and recommendations to prevent problems and improve performance.

Our primary goal is to help you.

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Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, communication and techniques to successfully achieve project deliverables. 


By employing the right surveyors, technicians and scientists with proven ability and expertise, armed with the right attitude and can-do mindsets, utilizing the appropriate survey equipment and resources, and continually monitor and measure the project performance with the final goal in sight, our Team of personnel are committed to ensuring your survey project comes to a successful conclusion. 

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Our rental pool includes the portable NORBIT iWBMS multibeam, various GNSS bases, RTK rovers and satellite enabled corrections, NORBIT LiDAR, radio modems, velocimeters, profilers and complete bathymetric systems.  We can offer seismic rental equipment, magnetometer, sidescan, positioning systems and other oceanographic equipment through our network of suppliers and partners in Southern Africa.  We can assist you with purchasing a survey system designed specifically for your application and requirements using quality industry accepted technology sourced directly from manufacturers overseas.  Please contact us to see where we can assist you with your hydrographic equipment needs. 

We have established reseller and agencies for leading manufacturers and software developers including

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Contact us today to see what we can do for you.  We have the ability and knowledge to put together a solution which meets your scope, experience, specifications, application and budgetary requirements - and offer you training and support for your new investment.  We have successfully supplied equipment to the Clients' specifications and orders to compliment existing systems, and have assisted with installations, commissioning and optimising their operations using the systems they have chosen.

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We are passionate about geomatics, surveying and hydrography.  We are all experienced surveyors with hundreds and hundreds of hours of installations, acquisition, processing and managing between us.  We can help you develop and grow your team of surveyors and technicians, and guide and mentor your teams to achieve success in their careers.  We can offer training at your premises, on your vessel or at our Training Room based at the Amaza offices near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. 


We work closely with Skilltrade who specializes in hydrographic training and courses for the hydrographic survey, dredging and offshore construction industry since 2000.  Skilltrade offer formal online short courses, the Introduction to Hydrography course and the IFIG/IHO/ICA recognised Cat B course. The Category B course has been enthusiastically welcomed and endorsed by a range of international authorities and market leaders operating in the marine oil and gas industry, coastal and port environment and hydrographic fields

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